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PHONE NUMBER Office-(310) 933-8552

Tame Impala Currents Album Cover Electronic Pop Music Poster

Currents is an album by Tame Impala, released in 2015. It represents a departure from the band's earlier psychedelic rock sound, incorporating more electronic and pop elements while maintaining Kevin Parker's signature dreamy vocals and introspective lyrics. The album received widespread acclaim and includes tracks like "Let It Happen," "The Less I Know the Better," and "Eventually." Tame Impala's music is often categorized as psychedelic rock, with elements of electronic music, dream pop, and experimental rock. They blend various genres seamlessly, creating a unique sound that's both nostalgic and modern. Kevin Parker, the driving force behind Tame Impala, incorporates elements of classic rock, psychedelic music from the 1960s and 1970s, and contemporary electronic production techniques into their music, resulting in a distinctive sonic landscape.
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