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PHONE NUMBER Office-(310) 933-8552
PHONE NUMBER Office-(310) 933-8552

All of our posters are commercially printed on 80-100lb. (118-148 GSM) paper stock. We do not sell any desktop inkjet, laser prints or any other type of "do-it-yourself" output. They are manufactured in the US or England. 

We offer the posters in 3 formats, flat/bulk rolled, individually rolled and labeled, and cardboard backed with a crystal ClearBag (the modern replacement for shrink-wrapped).

Flat/Bulk Rolled-

Your flat posters are bulk rolled all together. We will typically roll up to 100 posters this way.

This format is ideal for shops that want to mount or frame the posters, display them in print sleeves in V-Bin style racks, or store the posters flat for rolling before re-shipping.

Choosing this format will allow your order to ship out more quickly during peak seasons like back-to-school. We are glad to supply you with FREE poster rolling bags (poly tubes) if you want to Roll-Your-Own. Just ask for these by adding a note during your check-out.

The bulk rolled posters will lay flat after the package is opened so you can insert them into sleeves for display on a V-Bin.

Individually Rolled and Labeled-

Each poster is rolled and labeled individually. The label has our stock number and the title. There is also space for the price and your poster number, typically the slot number on your rack. The labels can be custom configured to your specifications.

This format is ideal for display on one of our rolled poster racks.

Cardboard Backed with a Crystal ClearBag

Each poster is individually backed with a sturdy corrugated cardboard back and then encapsulated using a high quality mylar-like crystal ClearBag. This is the modern replacement for shrink-wrapping. The ClearBag does not stretch and is much more tear resistant than old fashioned shrink-wrap. Our dual pack cartons hold 30 boards. We have sturdy powder coated steel displays that hold up to 60 posters on boards.